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Who We Are?

Amplifino is a team of skilled technologists, seasoned software developers, and adept data scientists, all sharing a profound interest and expertise in the energy sector. Proficient in software architecture, mathematical models and machine learning, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge products and consultancy services.

Why Amplifino?

At Amplifino, our knowledge and dedication to excellence set us apart. Benchmarking has shown that our solutions outperform competitors, highlighting the expertise of our employees and tight collaboration with the academic community. This partnership enriches our offerings, pushing them beyond standard quality and optimization levels. We take research and development seriously, ensuring that we maintain our competitive edge and continue to deliver superior solutions to our clients.

What About AI?

Amplifino deploys a wide range of machine learning (ML) models, recognizing their vast potential across various applications. Yet, it acknowledges situations where conventional mathematical or statistical models outperform the black-box nature of certain ML models. In these instances, Amplifino leans towards the most efficient solution, favoring black-box models only when it offers a definitive benefit. This thinking underpins Amplifino's strategy of applying explainable AI (XAI), ensuring decisions are made based on transparent, understandable AI practices.

Our Core Values


Encouraging creativity and pushing boundaries to develop cutting-edge solutions for our clients.


Fostering a collaborative environment where technologists, software developers, and data scientists can work together effectively to tackle complex challenges.


Commitment to maintaining a high level of expertise in technological advancements, software engineering, mathematical modeling, machine learning and energy markets.

Customer Focus

Placing a strong emphasis on understanding and meeting the needs of our clients, providing tailored solutions and excellent service.

Our Projects

Software Solutions

Amplifino is a versatile engineering company that offers a full range of services, encompassing project management, software architecture, design, and development. Its client base includes a top-tier EV charger manufacturer and various utility companies, indicating a strong focus on the energy sector. However, Amplifino's services are not confined to this area alone, showcasing its versatility and openness to engage in projects across different industries.

Energy Forecasting

Amplifino puts you in control of your energy future. Our state-of-the-art, explainable AI (XAI) powered models excel at predicting energy consumption and generation with high precision, whether you need a day-ahead forecast or an intraday update. These powerful algorithms seamlessly integrate with any data source your business already uses. This empowers you to make well-informed decisions and implement strategic energy plans.


Automated Trading

Amplifino has created an automated trading strategy specifically designed for the Belgian electricity market. This strategy uses future price forecasts to take risk-averse positions in the intraday energy market. The development of this algorithm is a result of doctoral research carried out in partnership with KU Leuven.

Weather Models

No longer is renewable power generation just a guessing game! Amplifino takes complex numerical weather prediction (NWP) models and transforms them into highly precise forecasts specifically for renewable energy generation. This isn't just insightful information; it's the key ingredient for optimizing your entire energy strategy. With Amplifino's data, you can make informed decisions about energy trading and confidently manage flexible energy assets.


And Way More...

In our latest research, Amplifino explores stochastic optimization techniques to enhance portfolios for balance responsible parties and flexibility service providers. By addressing the unpredictable nature of future energy generation, consumption and market price fluctuations, Amplifino aims to reduce costs and optimize operational efficiency in energy markets dominated by renewable energy sources.

Meet Our Team

Rik Deruyter

Project Manager


Karel Haeck

Software Engineer


Joost Bruneel

Data Scientist


Rudi Vankeirsbilck

Software Engineer


Jarno Vergote

Software Engineer

Maxim Ramboer

Software Engineer

Govanni Naessens

Software Engineer

Geert Haegens

Software Engineer

Martijn Debeuf

Data Scientist

Robin Bruneel

PhD Student | Data Scientist


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